about eyeBrand

eyeBrand is a different kind of branding and marketing company.  Our mission is to provide innovative branding and marketing concepts and solutions to the small and medium sized businesses, organizations and groups.

Some of our most rewarding work has been with churches and non-profit organizations to solve their social media, branding and marketing challenges.  We are a Christian-based company who puts a high value on serving others and building lasting personal relationships.

We started eyeBrand to help small to medium sized companies with branding, social media and cause marketing activities because we believe you don’t need a six or seven figure marketing budget to successfully compete and win in the marketplace.  We currently develop and manage social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies as well as local companies with 5 employees.

Beginning with a solid strategy, and finishing with the right mix of ideas, our passion and executions build and support our customer’s most valuable asset – their brand.

What does eyeBrand do?

We’re into social media.  But then again, who isn’t nowadays?  We help companies understand how to integrate social media so it compliments and enhances their traditional conversations.  Social media isn’t the be all/end all and it is not for everyone – but it isn’t going away either.  By first helping companies understand their brand, we help brands connect and engage.

How can we take care of your brand?


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