Let the designers have the cookies but leave the logo

eyeBrand does a lot of graphic design work and brand management. We are often asked to redesign a company’s logo or update their touchpoints. Usually, this is included in the scope of work when we are re-branding a company or product.

The scene usually plays out where we are in a large conference room with the senior management or c-suite executives discussing branding strategy.  Then it happens.  The graphic designers walk into the room – usually around the time that lunch is brought in – and present a deck of oversized, black art boards.


Them: “Our designers took a stab at redesigning our logo.  What do you think?”

Us: “Uh.  There are some really nice design elements here”.

Then after the parade of designs conclude, we thank the artists for their efforts and watch them leave (usually with the rest of the cookies from lunch) and try to bring the execs back to talking strategy.  It always starts with strategy.

With that being said, take a moment to consider the different paths that these two fierce competitors took along their 100+ year history.






























While there is a lot to be said about keeping up with trends and to position your brand as contemporary, young, hip, new or in touch, sometimes keeping your old logo is the best way to stay relevant.





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