Black Friday / Cyber Monday – How Did Your Favorite Brand Do?

It’s that time of year again – the Holiday Season!  The time when retailers supposedly emerge from an 11 month sea of red (operating / sales losses) and finally start to make a profit.  Thus, why we call it Black Friday.

But it is also the time of year when our favorite brands are put to the real test.

After the millions of tantalizing email blasts have stuffed our inboxes and the early-bird / door buster displays are stacked to the ceiling, ready to be destroyed by tryptophan-induced, post Thanksgiving day, insane shoppers, the true test of brands take place.

While this time of year is meant to stuff the register tills it is also the time of year when brands get killed.  After marketing has done its job and has driven in thousands of new and existing customers, how well can the operations team handle the mess when there are too few door buster specials to go around and long lines waiting to check out?

Tell us how your favorite brands did on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  Did they meet your expectations or did they lose you as a customer?  




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