When Customers Turn UGLY In Your Social Media Stream

We all have them. The angry customer who slams your page with 13 posts in the span of 25 minutes with their complaint. An incessant stream of diarrhea spewing on your platform. They berate you. Resort to personal attacks. Use ALL CAPS to get their point across and then, even after you resolve their issue, they never say thank you.  Even when you prove to them that they were wrong and you were right, they don’t show any courtesy. And on top of it, they carry out this tantrum in public on your Facebook or Twitter page.

As marketers and stewards of brands, we call this opportunity. A chance to shower customers with a heaping dose of compassion and understanding even though they deserve to be put in their place. It also gives us a platform in which to show voyeurs of our brands how we always take the high road even when the path is flanked with insults and aggression.

As as a social media professional, share your pet peeve with us.  What get’s your goat?  What challenges your patience and innermost resolve when managing your social media efforts.


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