When Bad Things Happen, Good Brands Succeed

You’ve heard the saying a million times – bad things happen to good people.  But what happens when bad things happens to good brands?

Good brands use these opportunities to succeed, grow and even become even better.  In the bible, James 1:2 says, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

Here is proof of how one great brand is using their recent misfortune as an opportunity to share their brand with others.

Last month in Chicago, a huge snowstorm dropped 23″ of snow in about 18 hours.  Roads, schools and businesses were closed.  As a result of the heavy snow, the roof on a local business collapsed.

Big deal.  Happens all the time, right?

Perhaps.  But when bad things happen to great brands, good things happen.

The business is called Aquascape.  They are a really cool place for backyard and commercial waterfalls, ecosystem ponds, rainwater harvesting and other outdoor features that you just won’t find anywhere else.  But what makes this company different is their brand.

Just after the collapse, Aquascape  turned to social media to share the story of the roof collapse.  Partly because they wanted people to know that they were OK and they were still open for business.  But mostly, perhaps, they know that social media is a great way to show people who they are – i.e. their brand.

As you will see in this video posted right after the collapse, they used this opportunity to share with others that their company is more than just ponds and rocks.  It is about the people.

After watching the video, you can almost see the joy that is to come from this incident as it is described in the James bible verse.

Great brands have a way of letting their personality shine through – especially in times of trouble.

For Aquascape, they regularly use social media to let customers, suppliers and YouTube surfers get to know the real people behind the brand though their  YouTube Channel.  There, you can find everything from expert how-to videos on pond building to videos about how LED lights can dramatically enhance your landscaping.  As of today, there are over 80 videos posted on their channel.

While these videos successfully demonstrate their expertise and experience in their category, in my opinion, the best video in the entire collection is their Christmas Video.  Once you watch this video, you truly understand the people behind their brand and what makes them special.

Bad things happen to brands – both strong and weak brands.  But it is your attitude and your belief that you can have great joy on the other side of the trouble that separates you from your competition.