Are Catholics Really Coming Home?

This past holiday season, you probably saw the Catholics Come Home ads on TV.  If not, you can see the ads on their website

Catholics Come Home

Catholics Come Home

The general idea of the website and ad campaign is that the Catholic church knows that people are leaving the ranks of their church at an alarming rate.   Some people have left because of the recent and ongoing publicity about sexual misconduct from within the church walls, while others left for lessor reasons ranging from the disconnection they feel to the church “not getting it”. 

Whatever the specific reason people may have, people are leaving. 

While many are leaving for other traditional religions, like Lutheran and Protestant many are leaving the traditional altogether and heading for the local, non-denominational, bible-based and mega churches.  These churches are finding great success with their contemporary combination of part Christian rock concert and part in-depth bible-study.  Many of these churches have sprung up literally in the shadows of the Catholic churches. 

And that is why the Catholic church has been turning to television as a way to invite those who have left back to the Catholic church. 

So, if you are one who has left the Catholic church, are you motivated to give the church another try because of these ads?  Do you think these ads have helped or hurt the Catholic church?

Let us know.


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