Your Opinion of Black Friday 2010

Retailers worked really hard this year herding consumers into their stores earlier than ever.  It was impossible to avoid their full court press to woo us out of our Thanksgiving induced comas at 5, 4 or even 3am to line up at their doors with wallet in hand. 

Promises of 60, 70 and even 80% were not uncommon this year.  But what did seem different was the hour of which these doorbuster sales started. 

If you have ever been part of these pre-dawn summons to the retailing meccas, you know that these sleep induced, deal seekers can easliy become obnoxious, agressive and downright rude as they try to be one of the lucky ones to snag up one of the limited quantity hot items.  Personally, I have been shoved, elbowed and verbally abused during these “special events” enough to know that sleeping in on Black Friday is the best thing for everyone. 

Black Friday doorbuster specials are now part of the holiday tradition.  As such, retailers do their best to prepare for the crowds.  All salespeople are told to be at work and ready to help customers.  Other employees are asssigned crowd control to ensure the safety and orderly movement of customers through the maze of products and displays.

By 10am, retailers knew if their Black Friday prep was worth it.  They had counted the customers that came through the door and tallied how fast the display of early bird specials disappeared.  But did they really do?

It is these stressful and jam-packed times that puts brands to the test.  Normally helpful salespeople are reduced to cattle herders and the usually smiling faces are replaced by tired and grumpy order takers.

So, how did your favorite brands do this Black Friday? 

Please share your experience here – good and bad.


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