Apple does the right thing

The strength of strong brand is to always do the right thing and to put values over profits. 

Apple recently did just that when they announced the “Freedom From Porn.” 

That’s how Apple CEO Steve Jobs describes his company’s policy not to allow applications (apps) featuring pornographic content to run on its products.  And Apple’s been putting its balance sheet where its public relations are, removing approximately 5,000 apps with explicit material from the iTunes store earlier this year. 

Steve Jobs has been accused of being “anti-freedom” to which he responded, “Yep, freedom from programs that steal your private data.  Freedom from programs that trash your battery.  Freedom from porn.  Yep, freedom.” 

He also said, “Users, developers, and publishers can do whatever they like—they don’t have to buy or develop or publish on iPads.  I have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.”

Feeling the pressure started by Apple, Microsoft is following suit.  Soon after this announcement, the company announced that the new Windows 7 mobile software will not allow apps with content that “a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult.” 

If other electronic companies likewise get the message that a large chunk of consumers would welcome the kind of liberty as Jobs describes, we may soon have more freedom to use technology without fear of being inundated by images that debase sexuality. 

It is an awesome feeling to know that one of the most powerful brands – a brand that is in the hands of all of our kids, our teachers, our sports heros and role models – has taken a stand to support faith and morality. 

Thanks Steve for once again, setting the bar high so others follow.


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