Life Is Good (without advertising)

Conventional wisdom says that in order to be successful, you need to spend millions advertising your brand.   The wildy successful Life Is Good brand says otherwise. 

According to this article at Marketing Daily, that is not always true. 

Life Is Good is just a t-shirt company.  Just a $100MM+ t-shirt company that is dedicated to selling a positive attitude and being involved on a local level – where their customers are.  Life Is Good demonstrates how having a strong brand and aligning yourselves to what you stand for is the true key to success. 

The question is, how much advertising dollars can your company save if only your brand was stronger?  The world’s best brands emotionally connect with people.  The Life Is Good brand connects with people’s desire to be positive.  They have a quality product that is also reasonably priced (probably because they don’t have large advertising budgets in which to prove ROI).

People get that.  And Life Is Good.


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