Is The Death of the Digital Camera Nearing

Remember when you took pictures 12 or 24 at a time?  Then you had to drop them off at a drug store and wait 10 days to see if any of your snapshots turned out well enough to sandwich between sticky pages in a photo album?

Well, if you do, you are old.  You also witnessed the death of the film-loaded camera.  Taken over by the impressively easy, almost professional quality digital camera – a device that can take hundreds of crystal clear images which you can instantly see and share. 

Are we approaching the end of the digital camera as we know it?  According to this article, 76% of people with cell phones use their phone to take pictures.  With the explosion of social media, facebook pages, twitter accounts and the like, who has the time to take your digital camera home, pop out the SD card, transfer your photos to your computer and attach to an email anymore? 

With cell phones (let’s call them what they really are – computers with phone apps) boasting 6 megapixals or more, chances are, the phone you carry everywhere you go is better equiped at catpuring the family at Yellowstone than the digital camera anyway.  And within seconds after taking the photo, your friends, fans and followers can be right there. 

Well almost.


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